Service Connection Authorization (Tap Sales)

Procedures for connecting to Southgate water distribution system and wastewater collection system are as follows:

  1. Obtain your Certificate of Project Acceptance (only applicable to approved development projects)
  2. Obtain your Tap Sale Release Form from Southgate (not required for firelines)
  3. Submit completed application forms with payment to Southgate (applications are provided below)
  4. Southgate will return copies of approved applications via email
  5. Purchase your tap from Denver Water (water) and/or City of Englewood (sewer)
  6. Submit receipt from Denver Water and/or City of Englewood to Southgate as proof of payment
  7. Fully connect to Southgate’s water distribution system or sewer collection system per Southgate’s Rules & Regulations and System Specifications
  8. Pass inspection of the new service connection(s) - schedule with Southgate by calling (303) 779-0261 - Do not backfill until after you have passed inspection

Note that Southgate no longer processes tap purchases over the counter - you must submit all completed forms with payment and Southgate will return approved applications by email in 1-2 business days.

You are not authorized to use water or discharge sewer until you have completed step 6 above. The penalty for an unauthorized service connection is two times the system connection charge (tap fee).

Tap Sale Release Form & System Connection Charge

Taps will not be sold until you receive your Tap Sale Release Form. Southgate will release your property, or development project after Project Acceptance has been achieved, for purchasing your connection to the water distribution system or wastewater collection system by issuing a "Tap Sale Release Form". Tap Sale Release Forms will identify Water System Connection Charges and Sewer System Connection Charges (tap fees) due to Southgate. Exception: Tap Sale Release Form is not required for a fireline service

Applications & Payment

After receiving your Tap Sale Release Form, submit to Southgate the below completed applications and payment:

Make checks out to: Southgate Water and Sanitation Districts

Fireline Services

Southgate will approve a Denver Water Water Supply License for a fireline service during Denver Water’s review phase of your development project. For approval, submit to Southgate:

  • Southgate Water Service Connection License Application (see above)
  • Administrative Fee of $125 - make check out to Southgate Water and Sanitation Districts
  • Denver Water Water Supply License (see above)

Denver Water Fees

Denver Water provides the water resource for Southgate; therefore, a tap fee is due to Denver Water. Charges due to Southgate Water District do not include Denver Water fees. Visit Denver Water to pay their fees after you have paid Southgate fees.

City of Englewood Fees

City of Englewood provides wastewater treatment services for Southgate; therefore, a tap fee is due to City of Englewood. Charges due to Southgate Sanitation District do not include City of Englewood fees. Visit the City of Englewood to pay their fees after you have paid Southgate fees.

Submit Receipts to Southgate

Submit receipts to Southgate documenting that you have paid Denver Water and/or City of Englewood tap fees. 

Connection to Southgate’s Systems

After completing the previous steps, you may fully connect to Southgate’s system per approved drawings, Southgate Rules and Regulations, and System Specifications.

Water Shut-Off

Only Southgate personnel may operate valves. If you require a water shut-off to connect to Southgate’s system, contact Southgate at 303-779-0261 to schedule your water shut-off, a minimum of 2 business days in advance of desired time. The minimum 2 days gives us the time to exercise the valves to ensure isolation and evaluate the extent of impact so that you can notify your neighbors if they will be affected. Scheduling is subject to availability.


Southgate inspects all service line connections (domestic, fire, irrigation, and sewer) at the main and makes record of the alignment. Southgate inspections do not guarantee the work, nor satisfy requirements of other agencies.

Contact other agencies in your area to determine their respective inspection or testing requirements. Furthermore, please note that other agency inspections do not satisfy Southgate’s inspection requirements.

Contact Southgate at 303-779-0261 to schedule your inspection. Scheduling is subject to availability.