Tenant Improvement Reviews

Southgate requires a review of all tenant finishes within the service area. This review process does not apply to projects that include work on grease interceptors, sand/oil interceptors, water services lines, and sewer service lines (i.e. exterior to the building).

Submit tenant finish review requests, by email, to the Engineering Department for review.

Submittal Requirements:

  1. Demo drawing
  2. Finished floor plan drawing
  3. Plumbing drawing(s)
  4. Any forms required by the City's building department requiring Southgate's sign-off (e.g. a completed Lone Tree Administrative Review Form)

If the Tenant Finish is preparing, manufacturing, or processing food or drink (including, but not limited to, restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets, pizza outlets, delis, sandwich shops, coffee shops, juice shops, schools, nursing homes, bakeries, etc.), plans must comply with our Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) Program and the required drainage fixtures connect to an exterior gravity grease interceptor.