Southgate Districts

Welcome to Southgate Districts

The Southgate Water and Sanitation Districts operate and maintain water distribution and waste water collection systems providing service to more than 80,000 Colorado residents.

Our service area of 18 square miles includes portions of:

  • City of Centennial
  • City of Cherry Hills Village
  • City of Greenwood Village
  • City of Lone Tree
  • Unincorporated Arapahoe County
  • Unincorporated Douglas County

Administration Staff

The Administrative Staff are our front line customer contact. They are responsible for customer service, accounting, records management, payroll and much more.

Engineering Staff

The department is responsible for review, inspection, monitoring, and study of the water distribution and waste water collection systems. The department ensures that the existing system is protected, improved, and that new additions to the systems are properly designed and constructed.

The Engineering Department is also responsible for development negotiation and project review and approval. Each new housing project, office building, restaurant, and retail center within the districts’ service area will be carefully examined to ensure proper utility service and mitigate impacts to the Southgate systems.

Additionally, the department evaluates the condition of the existing systems and provides recommendations for rehabilitation, replacement, and new improvements.

The Engineering Department also has responsibility for the districts’ Geographic Information System (GIS).

Operations Staff

The Operations Department works on routine maintenance such as line flushing, valve / fire hydrant maintenance, and reservoir / pump station operations in the water system. The department is also responsible for pressure cleaning, root cutting, and video inspection of the sewer system. They work hard so that the systems work when you turn on your faucet for cooking or bathing and when you drain the sink or flush the toilet.

Furthermore, the operations department is on emergency call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for repairs to the district mains. The employees use high quality equipment and practices to respond quickly to these emergencies and the employees stay with the repair until proper service is restored.