When Arapahoe and Douglas Counties began to develop into residential communities, office and industrial parks, shopping districts and recreation amenities, water and sanitary sewer services were among the first basic needs.

Early Beginnings

To fulfill these needs for a large part of the developing area ), the Southgate Water District and the Southgate Sanitation District were formed in April 1961 to fulfill the needs for the large part of the developing area including:

  • City of Cherry Hills Village
  • City of Centennial
  • City of Greenwood Village
  • City of Lone Tree
  • Unincorporated parts of Arapahoe and Douglas counties

Approval Process

Both districts were the result of a process involving property owner petitions, county review and District Court approval. The districts were separately formed and maintain distinct identities due to the differing needs and service areas.

The Southgate Water District is to supply water for domestic and other public and private purposes, including treatment, facilities and equipment. The Southgate Sanitation District is to provide for sanitary sewers, facilities and treatment.

Equipment, Facilities & Partnerships

Both districts constructed and continue to add to a system of major water transmission and sewage collection facilities. The districts utilized funding collected through development charges, voter approved bonds, and developer participation agreements.

As individual properties are improved, the developer is responsible for the construction of neighborhood distribution / collection mains and individual service lines. The transmission / distribution and collection facilities, excluding private service lines, are operated and maintained by Southgate.

The Southgate Districts work co-operatively and economically within an intergovernmental agreement in which personnel, much of the equipment, and many of the facilities including the district headquarters are shared and the expenses equitably allocated. The Southgate Districts directly or through contract, provide for water resource, water and wastewater treatment and associated facilities for your service and protection. All of this is done under the direction of your elected Board of Directors, and through the efforts of your district staff, consultants, and contract service providers.

Billing Services

On behalf of our citizens the Southgate Water District contracted with Denver Water to supply and deliver treated water to the Southgate system. Under the same contract Denver Water is responsible for meter reading and billing for water used. The Southgate Sanitation District contracted with the City of Englewood to treat your sewage and bill for same.