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Posted on: April 20, 2023

Water Main Flushing Has Begun

Hydrant flushing

You may have noticed fire hydrants and blowoffs being operated and thereby releasing large amounts of water into the streets. While it may appear that hundreds of gallons are going to waste, there are actually several benefits to these processes. Water main flushing is an important preventative maintenance activity that assists with the following:

  • verifies proper operation of the hydrant and blowoff
  • evaluates the available flow to the hydrant
  • allows Southgate to deliver the highest quality water possible to its customers
  • removes mineral and sediment build up from the water mains
    Blowoff Maintenance

Water main flushing operations typically begin in the Spring and continue throughout the Fall, when temperatures are well above freezing temperatures. When flushing is in progress, water quality may be temporarily reduced. Using water for tasks such as dish-washing, laundry or showering may result in the temporary discoloration/staining of your clothes or household items. Please plan ahead and be sure your laundry and dishes are done before the flushing process begins.

Water Main Flushing - Blowoff

During the flushing process, you may also experience a difference in the water pressure in your faucets in addition to the discoloration in the water. The process (typically done using a hydrant or blowoff) typically takes 10 - 20 minutes. Once the water mains in your area have flushed, the water should run clear with just a few minutes of faucet flow. Turn your faucets on cold and let the water run for 5 minutes or so. If you are still seeing discolored water or sediments in the water, continue running cold water through all your faucets until it is clear. If the water does not run clear after several hours, please contact Southgate's Main Office at 303-779-0261.

During the flushing process, operators can assess the water pressure and available flow rate for firefighting purposes. Determining the operational status of each hydrant is imperative as firefighters rely on them for use during firefighting efforts. Although you will see water flowing for up to an hour, rest assured that most of the water that was flushed will return to a river, stream, or aquifer.  Flushing is a necessary process to help keep our water mains clean and clear of sediment, allowing your public water supplier to provide excellent water quality, and increased pressure and flow.

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