Property Inclusion

A property must be legally included in the Southgate Water District or Southgate Sanitation District's service area to be eligible for water or sewer service, respectively. Additional information regarding inclusions may be found in the Water District Rules & Regulations and the Sanitation District Rules & Regulations.

To initiate an inclusion, the following items must be submitted, together in a single package, to Southgate:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Petition (links to forms are provided below)
  3. Narrative Description
  4. Vicinity Map
  5. Survey Drawing
  6. Evidence of Title and Authorization of Signatories
  7. Application Fees (Fee equals $375 plus $100 per acre)

After the above items have been received, the petition will be presented to the Board of Directors at the next available Board Meeting.

Southgate Water District Petition for Inclusion (PDF)

Southgate Sanitation District Petition for Inclusion (PDF)