2018 Water Replacement Project (Palos Verdes)

Please excuse our mess! Our apologies in advance for the annoyance of traffic impacts and water shut-offs! Thank You for your patience and cooperation while we replace the waterlines to improve your neighborhood!

Schedule Update:

August 6 through August 8: Trench patching along S. Kearney Street

August 8 through August 10: Milling the half of the street where the trenches are located to prep for final paving (except for Kearney, Krameria, and Leyden, which will be milled and paved by City of Centennial)

August 13 through August 15: Final paving of the areas milled the previous week

Project Information:

South of East Orchard Road and east of South Holly Street
Palos Verdes Neighborhood, Centennial.  Water pipes that will be replaced are shown in blue in the image below.
Description Replacement of approximately 14,000 feet of 6-inch and 8-inch
water mains, valves, and fire hydrants
Engineer Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc.
Contractor Brannan Construction Company
Project Contact: Luke Lopez
(303) 534-1231
Schedule Construction activities are scheduled to begin Wednesday, May 2nd and continue through October, 2018
2018 Waterline Replacement - Project Limits

Construction Phasing:

Although the project area is large and affects many streets, the contractor will work in a phased manner.  Below is the current phasing schedule - it is expected to change, and updates will be posted here:

East Maplewood Avenue


South Ivanhoe Street

South Ivanhoe Court

South Jasmine Street

South Ivy Street

East Fair Avenue

East Fair Place

East Caley Avenue

South Krameria Street

South Kearney Street

South Leyden Street


The typical events occurring during waterline replacement construction looks like:

  • Set-up traffic control for the safety of works, drivers, and pedestrians
  • Dig a trench for a section of waterline to be replaced
  • Install the new waterline
  • Backfill the trench and compact the soil
  • Test the new waterline – we test to make sure it does not leak and that it is clean
  • Fully connect the new waterline to the existing system
  • Transfer homes from the old waterline to the new waterline
  • Open the street to traffic before moving on to the next section of pipe - the contractor will likely come back to pave at a later date (in order to do a lot of the paving at once), but it will be drivable in the meantime
  • Restore disturbed areas to similar conditions as before construction

Traffic Impacts:

  • Lane closures will be required daily with approved traffic plans by City of Centennial
  • Signs for "No-Parking" zones will be posted prior to construction as needed by the Contractor
  • Access to driveways may be temporarily impacted when the contractor installs pipe in front of the driveway

Notifications for Residents:

  • Please check your front door for notifications during construction
  • Contractor is required to notify you before blocking your driveway
  • Contractor is required to notify you at least 24 hours in advance before planned water shut-offs to accommodate:
    • connecting a new waterline to the existing system
    • transferring a home from the old waterline to the new waterline
    • safety of workers in the trench (exposed waterlines that are not shut-off (i.e. pressurized) are unsafe for workers
  • Planned water shut-offs are typically scheduled Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm
  • Sometimes the contractor runs into unforeseen circumstances that results in an unplanned water shut-off
    • Safety situations can arise or planned water shut-offs turn into an emergency situation and last longer than expected
    • If your water is out and you were not expecting it, please call us
  • Any time water is shut-off, the contractor will work non-stop until water service is restored

Water Quality

Turning on and off the water system can sometimes disturb accumulated sediment, or cause cloudiness from air bubbles. If this occurs, we ask to do the following:

  • Open the cold-water faucet in the bathtub all the way open, full force, with the drain open, for about 15 minutes. Most dirty water situations will clear up in this time. If not, turn the water off, wait 10 to 15 minutes, and repeat the flushing again.
  • After doing this and the water does not clear, please call us at (303) 779-0261, option 8 to be connected to the on-call operator and report the problem. We can perform additional flushing at our hydrants and blow-off valves near the home.

Emergencies (Water Leak or Sewer Spill)

Call Southgate at (303) 779-0261, option 8 to speak with a Field Operator.