Variance Requests


In general, a Variance Request will be submitted to the Board of Directors by staff for consideration for approval. However, contact the Engineering Staff to discuss your Variance Request prior to preparing and submitting your request as it may be a variance that can be considered for approval at a staff level.

Submittal Process

Procedures for submitting a Variance Request are as follows:

  1. Contact engineering staff to discuss the Variance Request and formalize procedures.
  2. Submit formal letter requesting your variance and include justification.
  3. Submit a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) exhibit to support your request.
  4. Submit any additional supporting documentation you deem necessary to support your request.
  5. Staff will review the submittals and may provide comments for incorporation.
  6. Staff will prepare a report with your letter and supporting documentation attached.
  7. Staff will present the report to the board for consideration and direction.
  8. Should the board direct staff to proceed, staff will then prepare the necessary documents (e.g. a license agreement) for variance approval.
  9. Staff will present the documents necessary for approval to the board at the next available board meeting for consideration.

Board Meetings

Regular Board Meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month, therefore, staff requires final submissions no later than the last Wednesday before the board meeting for inclusion in the agenda.