Sanitary Sewer System Specifications

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Specifications & Standard Details

Section Description
i Cover (PDF)
iii Table of Contents (PDF)
vi Service Area - Boundary Map (PDF)
1 General (PDF)
2 Sanitary Sewer Design Criteria (PDF)
3 Contractor's Construction Requirements(PDF)
4 Materials, Testing, and Installation (PDF)
5 Construction Detail Drawings (PDF)
SS-01 Standard Bedding for Sanitary Sewer Lines (PDF)
SS-02 Special Bedding for Sanitary Sewer Line (PDF)
SS-03 Standard Manhole (PDF)
SS-04 Manhole on Existing Sewer (PDF)
SS-05 Manhole Base and Deflector (PDF)
SS-06 Standard 24-Inch Ring and Cover (PDF)
SS-07 Aluminum 24-Inch Ring and Bolt Down Cover (PDF)
SS-08 36-Inch by 24-Inch Double Ring and Cover (PDF)
SS-09 Plastic Step (PDF)
SS-10 Manhole Stub-Out for Future Connection (PDF)
SS-11 Outside Drop Manhole for Pipe 15 Inches and Smaller (PDF)
SS-12 Outside Drop Manhole for Pipe 18 Inches and Larger (PDF)
SS-13 PVC Pipe Service Connection to New Construction (PDF)
SS-14 Service Connections to Existing Construction (PDF)
SS-15 Optional Service Connection to Existing Mains 15 Inches and Larger (PDF)
SS-16 Sewer Service Connection to Existing Interceptor (PDF)
SS-17 Concrete Encasement (PDF)
SS-18 Steel Casing for Carrier Pipe (PDF)
SS-19 Cathodic Protection and Test Station (PDF)
SS-20 CLSM Cut-Off Wall (PDF)
SS-21 Standard Steel Marker Post (PDF)
SS-22 Redwood Marker Post (PDF)
SS-23 Sanitary Sewer Line Repair (PDF)
SS-24 Sanitary Sewer Service Cleanout (PDF)
SS-25 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Abandonment (PDF)
SS-26 Service Line Abandonment Detail (PDF)
SS-27 Sanitary Sewer Gravity Grease Interceptor (PDF)
SS-28 Sanitary Sewer Sand / Oil Interceptor (PDF)
SS-29 Sanitary Sewer Trench With Privately Owned Underdrain (PDF)
SS-30 Sanitary Sewer Service Plan Connections With Privately Owned Underdrain (PDF)
SS-31 Southgate Sanitation District General Notes (PDF)
SS-32 Typical Utility Cross section in Easement (PDF)
Appendix A Sanitary Sewer Drawing Requirements (PDF)
Appendix B Sanitary Sewer Service Line Only Drawing Requirements (PDF)
Appendix C Standard Sewer Easement Agreement (PDF)
Appendix D
Record Drawing Procedures (PDF)
Appendix E
Standard Sewer Improvements Agreement (PDF)
Appendix F
Standard Underdrain Agreement (PDF)