Sewer System Connection Charges

Purchasing a Tap

Regarding system connection charges, an applicant may not purchase their tap until the Engineering Department has issued a Tap Sale Release Form for your property or project.

Calculating the Fee

Number of Single Family Equivalents (SFEs) will be calculated based on anticipated flow into the sanitary sewer system. This figure will be multiplied by Connection Charge per SFE plus Administrative Fee per Tap equals Southgate Cost to Connect to Sewer System.

In no case shall the number of sewer SFEs purchased for your development be less than the equivalent water SFEs per the domestic water tap size purchased for the same development (e.g. if a 1" domestic water tap is serving your property, you must purchase a minimum of 2 sewer SFEs). Water SFEs per domestic water tap size can be viewed under Water System Connection Charges

2022 Charges

Administrative Fee per Tap
(Single Family)
Administrative Fee per Tap
(Multi-Family and Non-Residential)
Sewer System Connection Charge
per 1 sewer Single Family Equivalent (SFE)

Calculating SFEs

SFEs may be estimated with the Sewer SFE Calculation Worksheet (PDF). The applicant may submit a variance request for an alternative method of calculating SFEs, based on historical water consumption of a similar product or based on fixture count. The variance request must include existing water consumption bills or stamped, engineering calculations of projected average daily flow based on fixtures installed. If the variance request is approved, the projected average daily flow may be used by Southgate to calculate the sewer system connection charge for your property. Variance requests will only be considered for active projects/applicants, and not for pre-planning or due diligence phases.

City of Englewood Tap Fees

City of Englewood provides wastewater treatment services for Southgate; therefore, a tap fee is due to City of Englewood. Charges due to Southgate do not include City of Englewood fees. Contact City of Englewood Utilities Department at 303-762-2635 for information regarding their fees.