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Southgate Water District Hydrant Use Permit

  2. Upload PDF copy of your current Denver Water Hydrant Use Permit
  3. Rules & Conditions:
    The following constitutes the Conditions and Operating Rules for any hydrant in the Southgate Water District system. Failure to abide by the following will be cause for permit revocation, confiscation of meter assembly, and/or fines.

    1. Only approved hydrant wrenches will be used on the operating nut.
    2. Hydrant meter must be installed per Denver Water Sheet 72, Standard Hydrant Meter Installation.
    3. All fittings must be securely fastened to allow no leakage.
    4. Turn hydrant nut in the direction of the arrow.
    5. Hydrants must be used in the FULL open position.
    6. Any regulation of the flow must be accomplished by an external hydraulic control valve.
    7. Hydrant must be shut off completely without using excessive force.
    8. A hydrant drains from weep holes at the bottom of the barrel - visually check that the hydrant is draining properly before replacing the cap.
    9. Replace all caps hand tight, then one additional 1/4 turn using the hydrant wrench - Do not over-tighten.
    10. Employees of Southgate are authorized to ask for and examine this permit at any time.
    11. Southgate reserves the right to revoke this permit at any time, without prior notice to Applicant.
    12. Applicant agrees to make arrangements with Denver Water for proper application and payment of water usage.
    13. Applicant agrees to reimburse Southgate for any and all damages to a hydrant caused by the applicant, their agents or employees.
    14. Applicant agrees to operate the hydrant according to Southgate Rules & Regulations.
    15. Applicant agrees to contact Southgate within 24 hours of the permit date to report the following: chains missing, operating nut is damaged, opens/closes with difficulty, or displays high/low pressure. Failure to contact Southgate may result in assessment of damages.
    16. Applicant agrees to renew this permit if the hydrant is needed after the expiration date.
  4. Permit Expiration:
    This permit expires that same date as the Denver Water Hydrant Use Permit attached.
  5. By selecting "Submit and Print" below, Applicant is abiding by the Rules & Conditions stated above.
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