What do the rates and fixed monthly charge pay for?
Denver Water runs on revenue. We are not a tax-supported utility, and our charter prohibits operating for profit. The rule is simple: charge rates that cover service costs. Building a rates program that follows that rule is not so simple. Denver Water approaches the task by identifying some specific customer classes and then determining the cost of providing service for each class. Based on that determination, rates are adjusted.

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1. Why are rates increasing?
2. Why is the rate structure changing?
3. What is Average Winter Consumption (AWC) and how is it determined?
4. Why did you choose January through March to determine AWC?
5. What is the fixed monthly charge (formerly known as the "service charge")?
6. What is my meter size?
7. Can't I intentionally increase my winter usage to gain a higher tier 1?
8. I'm a low user, isn't this benefitting higher users?
9. What do the rates and fixed monthly charge pay for?
10. Where can I find more information about the 2016 water rates?