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November 30, 2017 12:27 PM

Water pressure changes south of E. Orchard Rd and west of S. Quebec St, Centennial

We first received complaints of high water pressure in the neighborhood south of E. Orchard Road, west of S. Quebec Street, north of E. Caley Avenue, and generally west of S. Leyden St/S. Krameria St in Centennial. We found that two pressure reducing valves that allow water to enter the neighborhood were not working correctly. This let the pressure significantly increase in the neighborhood over time, causing leaks for some residents. We shut-off the two valves that were not working, and it brought the pressures down in the neighborhood closer to where they should be. We will replace the valves in the near future. We are now receiving calls of low pressures. Although the pressures seem low, they are now at a level where the system was designed to be. We cannot increase the pressures entering the neighborhood because many homes will have too high pressure that will cause their plumbing to leak. We have been testing pressures at hydrants to make sure the system is within the designed pressure ranges. Please call us at (303) 779-0261 if you have any questions.

Pressure Zone 3IPressure Zone 3I - Update
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Latest Update:

December 4, 2017 4:08 PM

We continue to focus on this pressure zone. Today, we opened an adjacent pressure zone to allow more water to enter the affected zone. Allowing more water to enter the affected pressure zone increased pressures by about 10 psi from Friday. We observed pressures of ~120 psi at the lowest elevation and ~70 psi at the highest elevation.