Developer Information

Southgate works with a number of developers, engineers, contractors, and vendors on various types of private development construction projects. Refer to information below on Southgate’s procedures relating to private development.

This section does not apply to Tenant Finish Reviews.

  1. Plan Review
  2. Plan Approval
  3. Construction
  4. Project Acceptance
  5. Water & Sewer Service
  6. Warranty

Plan Review Requirements

The Applicant (property owner, developer, or their representative) must apply to Southgate by submitting construction plans to Southgate Engineering for review and approval.

Proposed design shall be in conformance with the Water District Rules & Regulations, Water System Specifications, Sanitation District Rules & Regulations, Sanitary Sewer System Specifications, and drawing requirements.

Southgate’s goal is to review and return comments/questions on all submittals within 1 to 2 weeks.

Southgate will calculate total Review & Observation Fees due during the 1st review.

1st Submittal Requirements

Submittals shall be electronic (PDF) using a file hosting service (such as Dropbox) that does not require an account or login to download submittal items. Submit file links to Engineering.

  • Cover Letter
    • Letter should include description of development and proposed water and sewer improvements, and contact information for engineer responsible for coordinating review process
  • $1,000 deposit, make check out to Southgate Water & Sanitation Districts
  • Proposed Water and/or Sewer Improvement Plans
    • Cover sheet
    • Southgate general notes (use detail sheet)
    • Overall site plan
    • Plan & Profile sheets (system extension projects only)
    • Detail sheets
    • For water system extension projects, also include a Water Only plan and Denver Water notes

Subsequent Plan Submittal Requirements

  • Cover Letter addressing all comments/questions
  • Remaining Review & Observation Fees
  • One (1) PDF of the construction plan set

Additional Submittal Items for New Easements

  • Easement Legal Description and Exhibit
  • Evidence of Title

Denver Water Review

Projects including water system extensions and water service lines 3" and larger require a Denver Water review. Once Southgate is satisfied with the construction plans, Southgate will issue a Conditional Letter of Approval (CLA). After the Applicant returns a signed CLA, the Applicant may submit the conditionally approved plans, along with the CLA, to Denver Water for their respective review.