Project Review & Observation Fees

2019 Fees

Project Description
Review Fees*
Observation Fees*
Main Extension Plans
incl. adding fire hydrants, manholes, 
private collections systems, etc.
$1,000 actual cost incurred
Service Plans
including water, fire, sewer, 
interceptors, abandonments, etc.
$150 per facility
Special Projects actual cost incurred actual cost incurred
Impact Study
actual cost incurred,
$500 minimum
Variance Request actual cost incurred,
minimum $400
actual cost incurred,
$150 per facility minimum
Agreement $400 per agreement N/A

*Any costs incurred will be paid from a deposit submitted to Southgate prior to approving plans for construction. Deposit amounts will be determined by Southgate based on estimated costs for Southgate, or representative, to perform the work. Any deposit funds remaining at Release of Security and Warranty will be refunded.

Make checks out to: Southgate Water and Sanitation Districts