Water District

  1. Cross-Connection Control & Backflow Prevention

  2. Water District Bylaws (PDF)

    View the Water District Bylaws to learn about the regular meetings, Board of Directors, and legal status of the district.

  3. Water District Rates, Fees & Charges

    View the rates and charges of the Water District.

  4. Water District Rules & Regulations

    Check out the rules and regulations for the the Southgate Water District to learn more about prohibitions, enforcement, and licenses.

  5. Water District Budget (PDF)

    Read the current budget for the Water District.

  6. Water Main Extension Review

    A Water Main Line Extension is required when a property within Southgate's service area is to be served and does not currently have main line access adjacent to the subject property, or requires additional service or system capability.

  7. Water Quality Information

  8. Water System Specifications

    View Water System Specifications to review design criteria, construction requirements, and standard details.